The National Crystallography Service is a single crystal X-ray diffraction service for chemical crystallography.

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A few Words About Us


The UK National Crystallography Service (NCS) is a world leading, unique facility providing a service and researching in chemical  crystallography.   We focus on the technique of single crystal diffraction applied to samples submitted by UK Chemistry, and related, disciplines. 

The service is an amalgamation of resources at two centres; Chemical Crystallography Laboratory at the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, together with the X-ray crystallography facilities at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University.

We also provide a route to synchroton based experiments on station I-19 at the Diamond Light Source facility. 

Access a single crystal X-ray diffraction service for chemical crystallography

Users from chemistry, defence, pharmacy, biochemistry and many more

Our users originate from over 30 different institutions

We have a team of scientists dedicated to supporting our community of users

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Upcoming Beamtime

Our next scheduled session at I19 Diamond is on Thursday, 18th of July.