The Strategy and Allocations Panel (SAP) provides guidance on the operations of the service and reviews, approves/rejects and prioritises applications to the service. The full role of the panel and their terms of reference can be viewed in the SAP Terms of Reference Jan 2018 document. The  panel also reviews the services biannual reports which contain a review of each period as well as the key performance indicator data. The 2010 – 2015 reports are contained in the Archive file. 

The Strategy and Allocations Panel (SAP) is made up of the following members:

•  Dr Tim Prior (Chair)
•  Prof Nicholas Tomkinson
•  Dr Helena Shepherd
•  Dr Jonathan Foster
•  Dr Ben Ward
•  Dr Luca Russo
•  Rosanna Greenop (EPSRC)
•  Dr David Allen
•  Prof Simon Coles
•  Prof Gill Reid
•  Dr Claire Wilson
•  Dr Loes Kroon-Batenburg
•  Dr Gareth Williams