Types of Experiments

In addition to routine structure determinations and data collections, our facilities and our expertise allow us to:

  • handle extremely small crystals with poor diffraction
  • deal with twinned crystals
  • handle air and moisture sensitive samples
  • handle low melting compounds
  • carry out rapid data collections (particularly useful when the sample deteriorates quickly in the X-ray beam even at low temperatures or for analytical purposes)
  • record multiple data sets in order to follow thermal behaviour, phase transition, reactivity etc. Please contact us to discuss details if you require this kind of study.
  • carry out accurate, high resolution data collections for charge density determinations
  • face indexing of crystals
  • measure diffraction patterns for single crystal / powder composites.

A fundamental part of our activity is the screening of samples on our powerful in-house diffractometer, prior to referral to the national synchrotron service. In such cases samples will be redirected to I19 Diamond Light Source and examined during the next available beamtime allocation.

Specific details of the synchrotron-based facility may be found on the DLS pages of this website.