Wim Klooster

NCS Role

My main responsibilities in the NCS are the collecting, refining and solving of crystal structures. A particular area of interest is charge-density studies. 


I obtained my MS and PhD in Chemical Physics and Crystallography from Twente University, the Netherlands, performing charge-density studies of nucleic acids.

I then moved to Brookhaven National Laboratory, US, and later Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US, where I was in charge of the single-crystal neutron diffractometers.

Then I moved to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, where I was a Principal Research Scientist in charge of developing the new quasi-Laue single-crystal neutron diffractometer.

Then I moved to Nanyang Technological University and the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, both in Singapore, where I was an Associate Professor in charge of helping the research community with X-ray and neutron diffraction related research. 

After that I joined a private company in Singapore as a Chief Scientist where I was in charge of all the science project in the area of nanomaterials Research & Development.