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The time has come to issue the call for applications for the National Crystallography Service (NCS) allocations 01/05/2018-31/10/2018. PLease email for an application form. The call closes on 21/3/18


Join us for a workshop on dealing with disorder. Running on 12th April 2018 this workshop will provide an overview of the types of disorder, and ways to deal with these using Olex2. It will end with the hands-on analysis of your own disordered dataset (sent to us in advance). For more information and to register visit


Join us for a workshop on dealing with twinned crystals. Running on 5th Jan 2018 this workshop will cover recognising and dealing with different types of twinning and will end with the hands-on analysis of your own twinned dataset (sent to us in advance). For more information and to register visit


We're looking for a Commercial Research Technician to join our team. This is a unique opportunity for a dynamic and ambitious research technician with interests in developing their expertise in crystallography across a wide range of chemistry. See for more details on this vacancy


Our call for applications to use the service from 1st May 2017 is now open. Please email for an application form. The call will close 20th April.


The NCS is developing a new training programme and we'd like to know what you want us to cover. We've got a short survey which we would appreciate you filling in to help inform our choice of events. The survey will be available online at until 7th Feb. Please pass the link on to anyone who would be interested in crystallographic training from the NCS.


You can now follow us on twitter @UK_NCS for all the latest news out of the service


The call for applciations to the NCS for the period 01/11/16 to 30/04/17 is now open. Current users will have recieved an email with a link to their personalised application form. New users should contact for an applciation form. The closing date for applicatiosn is 09/10/16


We are delighted to announce that the University of Southampton has been successful in its bid to continue to host the UK National Crystallography Service (NCS). The new agreement will start on 1 November 2016 and will run for three years with an option to continue for a further two years thereafter. The EPSRC will provide £4m funding, with around £350,000 matched from the University. This will enable investment in new state-of-the-art instrumentation upgrades to provide new ‘advanced technique’ services in addition to continuing to support synthetic chemistry (and related subjects), plus increasing staffing levels. For further details please see


We are delighted to announce that the requirement for a National Crystallography Service has been recognised as part of EPSRC's Statement of Need exercise: Statement of need panel outcome. We will post more news here around funding and timescales as it develops.


Details of the vacancy for the NCS research scientist at Diamond can be found online here


The FR-E+ water chiller controller board has stopped working – we will be without high-flux Mo data collection facilities for at least a week.


Our annual preventative maintenance of the anode will be happening this week, so we will be without high-flux data collection capability.


The NCS office has reopened after the Christmas break, we hope all our users had a restful holiday. Although the current allocation period runs until the 30th April if you do not hold an allocation and would like access to the world leading single crystal diffraction facilities the service offers please do contact us about a rapid access allocation on or 023 8059 6722


Just a reminder that the call for applications is currently open. The closing date is Friday 19th October Application forms can be requested from For more information contact us on 02380 596722 or


The new allocation period has started, the service has had a record number of requests. If you applied but have not received an email about your allocation please contact us on If you did not apply access may still be possible under our rapid access scheme please see the access pages for more details or contact the service.


We are pleased to announce that we have selected Rigaku to be our equipment supplier. The equipment will include the FRE+ SuperBright (Mo) boasting both the new VariMax VHF (Very High Flux) and a VariMax HF (High Flux) focussing optics with Kappa Geometry Goniometers and two enhanced sensitivity Saturn 724+ 18 bit CCD Detectors. In addition we will have joint access to the Southampton Single Crystal Diffraction Centre 007HF Home Lab copper rotating anode (with Saturn 944 enhanced sensitivity CCD detector) – Rigaku’s very popular solution for macromolecular crystallography. We are committed to rapid turnaround data collections and full structure refinements on the most challenging samples that the UK chemistry and materials communities have to offer at the cutting edge of their research. The sheer power of the FRE+, coupled with state-of-the-art optics and the new improved sensitivity Saturn CCD detector, will allow us to collect data in shorter timeframes and work with increasingly challenging samples. Rigaku have an excellent reputation for collaboration and building bespoke facilities and we believe this strength will help us achieve the cutting edge position that we need to be in.


We are delighted to announce that Dr Claire Wilson will be joining the service team from Jan 2011


Just a reminder that the call for applications is closing this Thursday (30th Sept). Application forms can be downloaded from this website. For more information contact us on


We are pleased to announce that Dr Mateusz Pitak has joined the National Service team.


Southampton wins tender bid to host National Service for 5 years from 1st May 2010