I have a query about a sample I have submitted, who do I contact?

For enquiries about samples that have been submitted recently please contact
the NCS at info@ncs.ac.uk Tel. (023) 80596722.

For enquiries about crystal data you have already received you may also contact the person who was concerned with this particular structure.


How do I apply for an allocation of Service time?

Please visit the Access page for information on this subject.


How big an allocation can I have?

Whatever you consider reasonable to achieve the objectives set out in your proposal. Note please that this point is considered by the Strategic Allocation Panel.


What happens to my application once it has been received?

It will be acknowledged by receipt on e-mail. Decisions for allocations are made at a Strategic Allocations Panel meeting and you will be notified of the outcome of your application shortly after this time.


How do you calculate the priority of the sample?

This is a combination of the high/medium/low grade given by the  Strategic Allocation Panel and the number of your samples already processed relative to the total annual allocation.


Why is it necessary to give the expected empirical formula on the login form?

The formula is needed to perform an empirical absorption correction.


My crystals are air sensitive and are in a Schlenk tube, do you have facilities to deal with this situation?

Yes, we have. For more information please see under Sensitive Samples.