NCS offers a Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction based service to determine crystal structures for colleagues in industry and has world-leading facilities and expertise. 

Alongside our academic work this commercial service aims to turn samples around within a week of initial screening. 

Our highly experienced team particularly specialises in collecting data from very small and hard to handle crystals.

We offer:

ØSingle crystal, small molecule structural determination 
ØSecure storage (room temperature, 5° C and -15° C) 
ØCollections between 80K and 500K (standard 100K) 
ØAbsolute structure confirmation 
ØExpertise in handling demanding and difficult samples including 
ØTwinned crystals 
ØDisordered datasets 
ØAir, Temperature, Moisture and Solvent Sensitive samples

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 “Having experts with access to the most powerful equipment in the world means you have the greatest possible chance of a successful outcome