Radioactive samples

To comply with the Euratom treaty and University of Southampton radioactive substances policy, we are now obliged to log and track all radioactive material on site, however small the amount. This includes compounds containing the following elements regardless of whether they show activity above normal or not

  • Uranium¬†
  • Thorium¬†
  • Plutonium

If you wish to submit a sample containing radioactive elements we ask that you follow the procedure below:

Email the service team on, with the expected empirical formula, the activity of the sample and the mass of the sample being sent. It would also be helpful to know if the sample requires special storage or handling.

The service team will confirm the details with you, and inform the Southampton University Radiation Protection Service(SURPS).

Once the details have been confirmed, you can send the sample to the service with the normal submission form.

Before the sample is returned to you we will contact you informing the sample is about to be sent out.

The SURPS form will be archived by the NCS should you require a copy for your own institution records you can email the service administrator who send you a copy.

Please contact the service personnel for assistance if required.