Sample Handling at the Service

On receipt of your sample and submission form you will be sent an acknowledgement by e-mail and the sample will be placed in the queue. Turnaround of a sample is usually within 40 working days. This is dependent on the size of our scheduled queue, the user priority attached to the sample and the quality of the crystals submitted. The process by which your sample will be handled is outlined below:

  • Acknowlegement of receipt of sample on arrival.
  • Visual inspection is carried out and preliminary scheduling decisions are made.
  • When the sample reaches the head of the queue, a concerted effort is made to collect data.
  • Samples will be investigated on up to three separate occasions and if data collection is still unsuccessful the sample will be failed.
  • If there is going to be a delay once a data set has been collected, due to refinement problems, twinning etc., then you will be informed by the member of staff dealing with the sample. 

The NCS team will use their judgement in the analysis of your sample and may return it to you for recrystalisation should they feel that this will improve the quality of data. In this event the crystallographer concerned will contact you to discuss this, before sending the sample back to you.

If your sample is considered suitable for the synchrotron service it will be scheduled for the next available beamtime.