Sample Submission

Guidance for filling in the Sample Submission Form

Once your rapid access application has been accepted you will be sent a link to the

Then you will need to reset your password

Once you are in the portal2 you can then Submit a Submission Form

Click on New Sample

  • Your ref
  • Sample type: Data Collection/Full Structure
  • Priority: Low/Medium/High/Reserved
  • Expected Formula: 
  • Upload Expected Structure or Draw Expected Structure 
  • Choose File
  • NB: Uploaded image must be in JPEG or PNG format
  • Hazards (select any hazards that apply)
  • Solvents (select any solvents that apply)
  • New Solvent (you can add any new solvents into the databease, if required)
  • Sensitivity
  • Radioactive
  • Bioactive
  • Experiment Text (input details on sample notes)
  • Click Next
  • Review your submission form and Edit if required or Generate PDF to print
  • Click the back button on the top left hand menu bar and scroll down to the bottom of the submission form and click:  Submit Sample
  • Send your printed copy with your sample in the post. 

Please indicate if you require a different type of experiment than our standard experiment on the sheet. If possible please email the team prior to sending in your sample so we can clarify what you need in advance, meaning your sample will be dealt with quicker.

If you give any additional information, for example unit cells, please state clearly what this information is and how it relates to the data you want collected.

Special storage instructions: please indicate if you need your sample to be stored in the fridge (4°C) or freezer (-15°C), or other requirements. Please try to let the team know prior to your sample arriving if you have any unusual requests, outside of refrigeration.

For particularly sensitive samples, please provide specific handling information/details. If the sample is so sensitive that the container can only be opened once please indicate this. (more info)

If your samples contain radioactive elements please consult the special arrangements that MUST be made prior to sending them to us. (more info)

Unless we contact you ALL samples submitted will be returned.

Please inform us of change of address, although this no longer appears on the form we need this information for our database.

Email addresses: You can provide additional ones, but confirmation of receipt etc will only go to the principal investigator.

Find out more about how we handle samples.

Please send samples, appropriately packaged, to

UK National Crystallography Service
School of Chemistry
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ