How To Apply

Calls for submission of requests for allocations on the Service are normally issued twice a year at the beginning of September and March to Heads of Chemistry and Subject-related Departments with a closing date usually at the end of the respective month. Applications are vetted by the Strategic Allocation Panel and approved allocations announced normally by the end of October or April.

For potential users who find an urgent need for access to the Service in mid session, a stream-line (rapid access) procedure is available whereby a small allocation (maximum 5 samples) may be made for a specified project. Users with such an allocation will remain our database for the rest of the allocation period and will receive user circulars, including a reminder for renewal of allocations near the end of the allocation period.  (please see attached form)

Download the application form and can send it either as an e-mail attachment to or by post to:

National Crystallography Service
School of Chemistry
University of Southampton
Southampton. SO17 1BJ.

Once we have received your application we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. The application will then be sent to the Strategy and Allocations Panel for approval. Once an application has been approved you will be sent the appropriate sample submission forms.

Eligible persons who are not already a User and would like to apply for an allocation during an open Call can send a request email to and will be set up on the database then may apply online:

For further information please contact or 02380 596 722 and speak to one of our staff.